Thursday, July 16, 2009

So it begins...

Hello everyone. I guess you could say that I am finally starting, yes, a Blog. As much as I hate the thought of being a part of, (bleegh) “Blogging” I guess I have no choice, because two girls floating in a beach told me that’s what I need to do to be recognized as a writer and be able to pack my crap and move to New York. Hell, I think if I could even go to San Francisco, well, that would be nuts and gravy too! You know what else would be nuts and gravy? If anyone actually said the phrase “nuts and gravy”. I don’t care if I have “followers” or “stalkers” of my blog. The only people I care that read my stuff in the end are the ones who write the checks.
Blogging started about six years ago, and the craze burned out about 5 and a half years ago. And yet NOW, six years after it’s invention, is when I’m beginning to Blog. Six years later. How’s that for staying fresh? At this rate, come back and check me out in 2015 when I maybe finally give a shit about Twitter..

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