Friday, July 24, 2009

Till La Semaine Prochaine~

  You know, say what you will about the French, but they sure do know how to run an island. Here's just a taste of what I saw just 2 minutes further up my uncles' house, at the highest point of the mountain, on a place called Lookout Point. There may be higher points on St. Barths, but I haven't seen them yet. I took these pics on my phone, just before sunset. Althought sunset has a way of creeping up on you while you're taking pictures. The other Lookout Point ("Lookout Point 2", as it's ingeniously called") can be seen just next to the higher one I'm on, (but the view's never as good as it is in this one, obviously because it's lower in elevation, and the view's blocked by the one I'm on..). I'm flying back home after this, but there's a chance I'll be back next week, just as soon as I can confirm my seven year old Satan cousin died somehow, please, Jesus..
~Au Revoir!

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